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What kind of underwear should a girl wear?

Release time:2023-05-06Author:Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co., Ltd

What kind of underwear should girls wear? Nowadays, more and more women are paying more attention to their body shape. From this, it can be seen that underwear is very important. But there is no lingerie for girls. But the health and beauty of mature women should be valued as early as adolescence, so schools and parents should provide more help to young girls so that they can buy underwear that suits them.

1、 Adolescence in young girls is approximately between the ages of seven and nineteen, during which they experience significant changes in their physical and mental well-being. This means that women's sexual ability begins to develop at the age of seven, and moderate exercise and sufficient nutrition are particularly important. Girls must wear underwear during adolescence, otherwise it can cause damage to their breasts or ligaments, hunchback, or even stunted development. Girls should not wear underwear with brackets or metal wires. Brackets are not conducive to physical development, so it is important to wear suitable lingerie for girls.

2、 Girls need support from their chest circumference during development. Girls' mammary glands have a higher fat content and no muscle tissue. Therefore, when young girls develop, the mammary glands cannot withstand pressure and can also block the flow of blood. So it is easy to accumulate blood, leading to breast diseases, and the breasts are more prone to injury during exercise. If the breasts are injured, young girls may develop mastitis. Some girls feel embarrassed about wearing bras, which can cause them to hunch and also affect their future studies and work.

3、 Choose the size of underwear based on age and development. Loose underwear is not conducive to shaping a good figure, while too tight underwear hinders their breast development. The function of teenage lingerie is to maintain healthy development, vitality, shape a good figure and perfect curves in the future.

4、 Wearing different types of underwear in different occasions, shaping underwear and sports underwear are the first choices. Girls cannot wear underwear that is too tight because they do a lot of exercise every day, and tight underwear can hinder their growth and health. If the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels are compressed during exercise, other internal organs may also be injured. The chest can also be affected, as it cannot fully expand and hinders the body's oxygen supply.

A tight chest circumference can press against the chest, preventing blood flow and often leading to eating pain and stunted development. On the contrary, not wearing or wearing a loose chest circumference is also a mistake. Therefore, young girls should wear sports bras during exercise and protective bras for daily use.

5、 The intimate part of the chest should be made of natural fabric, while the external material is not as important, and attention should be paid to aesthetics. Girls should choose fabrics that allow their skin to breathe smoothly. Girls often exercise and sweat, so pure cotton fabric can absorb sweat and maintain air circulation, making it the first choice for close fitting fabrics. The styles and materials of girls' bras are quite different from what adult women require.

Adolescence should aim for health and comfort, and girls can also choose lycra, which is soft, smooth, and elastic, earning the reputation of "second skin". Girls' underwear must reflect their vitality, youth, and personality, and be distinguished from mature and sexy adult underwear.




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