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How to choose underwear that suits you?

Release time:2023-05-06Author:Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co., Ltd

1、 Measure size

Due to the different body fat status and chest deformation status of each person, it is also difficult to objectively reflect the bottom circumference requirements by simply relaxing the measurement of chest circumference. Therefore, the editor suggests that everyone measure the relaxation amount and try to obtain two sets of lower chest circumference data as much as possible;

In addition, most people have large and small breasts (especially large breasts), but to varying degrees. Therefore, we recommend measuring the lateral circumference, which can reflect the degree of large and small breasts well and help reverse judge the accuracy of the cup size calculated based on the circumference difference.

2、 Determine chest shape

When you have the data, you can determine your chest shape and size.

3、 Choose cup shape based on chest shape

Choosing a bra is actually the same as choosing shoes. Girls choose their shoe type based on their own foot type, such as Roman feet wearing square toe shoes and Greek feet wearing pointed toe shoes. So why not choose a cup type based on the bra type when choosing a bra?

For example, if some people measure 70F based on data, they may wonder why they have such a large size when they know they even have an empty cup at 75C?

How to choose underwear that suits you?

Actually, it's still because the cup shape doesn't match.

A girl with a low protrusion wearing a deep cup is prone to an empty cup, and then mistakenly thinks her chest is small and changes to a smaller size cup. However, the steel ring of the small cup is not enough, and it presses against her chest, gradually blurring the contour of her chest.

When wearing a shallow cup with a raised height, the underwear will directly flatten the chest, not only failing to receive the necessary support, but also potentially exacerbating sagging. At the same time, some breasts that have no place to place will be squeezed out, forming a secondary breast.

Data and chest shape analysis are methods to help you narrow down the range of trying on countless types of underwear, but the final judgment criterion is still the effectiveness of trying on.

Attention: Choosing the right underwear does not mean you can wear it correctly. You must learn the correct Bra wearing method:

Note: Many people do not wear underwear after buying it. The common practice is to directly cover the cup without pulling the meat, or to squeeze the cup due to excessive pulling of the meat, resulting in the chest getting stuck in the middle of the cup. In this case, it is not accurate to judge whether the underwear is not suitable.

But plucking meat is also very important. In the past, we have seen many girls with large breasts who are said to have strong backs and strong waists. In offline activities, we have found that many people squeeze their chests out due to wearing undersized underwear for a long time. You can check yourself in the mirror and put your hands down naturally. You can see the part of your back close to your armpit, which is clearly a indentation and a piece of "meat" formed by the shoulder strap and back ratio of the previous underwear, These can be improved through appropriate underwear and meat removal

5、 Determine if it is appropriate

Before discussing the judgment method, I will first show some important parts and names for judgment, in case everyone cannot match them

1. Check if the steel ring fits the contour under the breast, and the appropriate curvature of the steel ring should fit the contour of the breast

2. The heart of a chicken does not prick or hurt

3. The cup size is appropriate, neither empty nor pressed

4. The bottom circumference is flush in front and back, not loose or tight, and can be pulled open by just placing one palm in it

If the rear bumper runs above the bottom circumference, it indicates that the bottom circumference is too large. It may be due to the fact that the shoulder strap was too short in order to improve support after the bottom circumference was too loose.

5. The shoulder strap is not loose or tight. If it is too loose, it can easily fall off, and if it is too tight, it can leave pigmentation. It is advisable to easily slide a finger on the shoulder strap.


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