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Correct wearing method of underwear

Release time:2023-05-06Author:Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co., Ltd

Many women casually put on a bra when wearing it, and I have many friends who, in order to make it easier to wear, first button the bra from the front and then turn it around with their hands. In fact, these methods are not correct. Perhaps some people may ask, why are there still correct and incorrect statements when wearing bras! If you have this idea, it would be a big mistake. The correctness of underwear has a great impact on the development of women's breasts, the adjustment of breast shape, and the shaping of their figure. As long as you master the correct techniques of wearing underwear, your figure will get better and better, and underwear will also play the greatest role. Steps for Wearing Bras

1. First of all, the correct way to wear a bra is to stand upright and put your arms through the bra shoulder straps, placing them on your hands.

2. Then lean forward 30 degrees, pull the bottom of the bra with both hands and pull it down, then push it up to fully wrap the chest into the cup.

3. After fixing it slightly, extend your hand along both sides towards the back and fasten the button.

Correct wearing method of underwear

4. Then lift your body and stand straight, hold the left steel ring of the bra with your left hand and lift it up. Extend your right hand into the cup to gather the chest muscles and fat around and above your armpit into the cup; Do the same action with the opposite hand on the other side.

5. After that, adjust the shoulder belt, and the tightness should be able to extend one finger, not too loose or too tight.

6. After adjusting the shoulder straps, the attached fat under the armpit can be adjusted slightly. When adjusting, the body can be tilted forward appropriately, and the technique is also to fold from both sides to the middle.

7. Check if the steel ring of the bra is located at the base below the breast. If not, make sure to adjust it, otherwise it will not provide support and shaping. Stretch your arm to see if the bra will slide. If there are no problems, then everything will be fine.

8. The way to wear underwear is relatively simple. After putting it on, use your hand to extend from the buttocks to the base of your thighs to lift the fat from the buttocks and completely wrap it inside the underwear. This not only shapes the rounded and upturned buttocks, but also makes your figure more charming.


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