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What is the function of silicone underwear

Release time:2023-05-06Author:Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co., Ltd

Silicone underwear has two good effects: one is good subsidy, and the other is the effect of breast enhancement.

Good fit is a recognized benefit of silicone underwear. After putting it on, the chest and the invisible bra are basically sealed, without air flowing in, which is integrated with the breast. That's why silicone invisible bras can be taken for swimming without worrying about falling off.

The breast enhancement effect is good, which is also recognized as a benefit. Silicone invisible bras are generally relatively thick, and even the thinnest silicone invisible bras are much thicker than ordinary fabrics. Therefore, after wearing them, they naturally need to be fuller and appear larger in size. Usually, many girls choose silicone underwear as their first choice because they think their breasts are very small.

Of course, in addition to these two benefits, silicone underwear also has drawbacks. Firstly, wearing silicone underwear makes one feel that their upper body is very heavy. Silicone invisible bras generally weigh around 100 grams, and some can weigh over 400 grams. Celebrities who have used this type of material before generally feel that their breasts are under greater pressure.

Moreover, silicone underwear has one of the most unbearable drawbacks, which is its lack of breathability. Even sensitive areas such as the chest require fresh air to breathe. Due to its own material, invisible bras made of silicone have not made any breakthrough improvements in design since 2003, such as the lack of ventilation holes, so breathability has always been poor, Wearing it for a long time can cause symptoms such as redness and itching.

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